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Das Vermächtnis des geheimes Buches erscheint in der St.Galler Zeitung

The new movie National Treasure: The Book of Secrets appears in swiss german newspaper
Zum neuen Film präsentierte die Zeitung St. Galler Nachrichten im Juni 2007 einen Zeitungsausschnitt von Das Vermächtnis des geheimes Buches mit Nicolas Cage in der Hauptrolle.

Trevor Rabin lieferte erneut den SCORE zu diesem abenteuerlichen, spannenden und sehr fantasievollen Kinohit, produziert von Jerry Bruckheimer und Jon Turteltaub.

Auch dieses Mal hat Trevor super Arbeit gemacht! Wir haben für euch den Zeitungsartikel zum Film im Anhang hinterlegt.

Trevor Rabin did again very nice work! Great SCORE from National Treasure: The Book of Secrets!

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14:48, 2007-06-23
posted by Fabrice


Interview mit Trevor Rabin zu «Snakes on a Plane»

Interview with Trevor Rabin to Snakes on a Plane
Bei haben wir für euch ein Interview mit Trevor Rabin entdeckt. Er spricht dort über National Treasure 2, Flyboys und Snakes on a Plane.

Text & Interview © by

Trevor Rabin

«One of the things I try to be very careful of is not taking a movie when I know I have no inspiration left. It just becomes work. I always want to be in a place where I think I can come up with something.»
Trevor Rabin

The day after the world premiere of SNAKES ON A PLANE, TREVOR RABIN takes a short break from finishing up yet another upcoming-score, THE GUARDIAN to talk with Tracksounds. He shares about some of his most recent projects: SNAKES ON A PLANE and FLYBOYS, about how he handles scoring multiple projects, and his involvement in the film NATIONAL TREASURE 2.

CC: How was the premiere for SNAKES ON A PLANE last night?

TREVOR RABIN:Oh! It was so much fun!

CC: So this was in Hollywood to a packed house?

TREVOR RABIN: Completely...with people jumping up and down and screaming and laughing. You know it's been like that from the beginning of the movie. It's just one of those movies where there's no trauma involved...just lots of fun.

CC: Now there was a bit of a contest for artists to submit music for the soundtrack album. Did they do that for the score and ask composers to make submissions for this gig?

TREVOR RABIN: (Laughs) Ummm...not that I know of!

CC: So how did you come to be involved with the movie?

TREVOR RABIN: My agents called me and said that the director had called asked that I score the movie, so I met them and that was it. We struck up a great relationship from day one and once we started working together it just got better and better.

CC: How many weeks did you spend working on SNAKES ON A PLANE?

TREVOR RABIN :It was probably six weeks.

CC: Did the directors and producers already have something in mind, as far as what type of score they wanted?

TREVOR RABIN: I think they were just aware of scores that I had done and the style I might bring to the film. We got on very well and had the same idea of what should happen and where the music should go. Then when we spotted the film it was even more obvious that this (collaboration) was going to work.

You know, usually with movies there are... read more

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14:18, 2006-08-19
posted by Fabrice


Trevor Rabin liefert den SCORE zu The Guardian

Trevor Rabin scores The Guardian
Click on the images to see the original size

Trevor Rabin - The Guardian

This past week, the score to the new action-drama The Guardian was recorded at the Todd-AO Scoring Stage. The film stars Kevin Costner as Coast Guard rescue swimmer Ben Randall, who takes a new recruit (Ashton Kutcher) under his wing.
Directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugit... read more

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14:15, 2006-08-05
posted by Fabrice


Trevor Rabin liefert den SCORE zu Snakes on a Plane

Trevor Rabin scores Snakes on a Plane
Click on the images to see the original size

This past week, the Hollywood Studio Symphony recorded the score to one of this summer's most anticipated films: Snakes on a Plane. A 67-piece orchestra was employed to perform the score, written by Trevor Rabin, for the film that already has a large cult following two months before it's released. Directed by David R. Ellis (Cellular), the film is about a federal agent (Samuel L. Jackson) who is transporting a witness in protective custody on a plane - but an assassin lets loose a crate of deadly snakes mid-flight.

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

Don Harper conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

"This project has been 100% enjoyment from start to finish," says Rabin. "I felt like I was stealing - every note was so enjoyable to write!" The score features different areas representing the different dangers. A low string ostinato makes a frequent appearance, as does a triumphant brass fanfare. For the "snake-vision", Rabin made use of a combination of guitars and synthetic elements that he manipulated digitally. "That took the longest time, to get that sound," Rabin recalls.

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

"Every time Trevor would have a cue ready, he would present them at his studio, and we would make comments," said Ellis. "But most of the music was so right on that there were only subtle remarks!"

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

Composer Trevor Rabin and Score Mixer Joel Iwataki

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

Music Editor Robbie Boyd and ProTools Engineer Erik Swanson

Conducting the orchestra was Don Harper, who had recently conducted The Great Raid for Rabin. Score producer Paul Linford would provide additional comments and performance suggestions as score mixer Joel Iwataki worked to mix the orchestra and pre-recorded percussion and electronics. The score was orchestrated by Gordon Goodwin and Tom Calderaro.

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane will open nationwide on August 18, 2006, from New Line Cinema.

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

Director David R. Ellis and Composer Trevor Rabin

Trevor Rabin - Composer of Snakes on a Plane

Text & Photos © by Dan Goldwasser

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14:16, 2006-06-16
posted by Fabrice

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We are looking for some helping hands and news poster for our website!!

We are looking for people who want to search news and info stuff about Trevor Rabin or other
composers (like Mark Mancina, Hans Zimmer etc.) If you have time, like scores and film soundtracks, have fun to search and browse in the world wide web for information about your favorite composer,
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write us:

- Time & Fun to search
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Wir suchen eure Mithilfe als Newsposter und
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Falls ihr Film Scores/Soundtracks liebt und ihr Lust und Zeit habt im Internet nach News und Informationen
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- Lust und Zeit
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von Trevor Rabin & weiteren Komponisten.

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